Where to find movers?

Nowadays, it becomes so simple finding movers. You can ask friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members if they have any recommendations. Then investigate each of the companies. You can also just type ‘movers near me, local movers near me, furniture movers near me, Atlanta GA moving companies,  moving help Atlanta GA or just movers with a truck’ and you will easily find more than one option located in this city.

What movers won’t move?

Yes, unfortunately, there are some items we are not able to move, like any kind of grand pianos, pool tables (even if they are disassembled), alcohol, flammable items, restaurant, medical, dental equipment, saunas, hot tubs, pallets with things or without them, animals.

Are movers insured?

Yes, we value our customers and we want them to trust us with their valuable stuff and items. So, to make sure you are insured, basic coverage is as per our terms and conditions.

Can movers move piano?

The piano is a delicate musical instrument. Therefore it needs special care in moving it. Like we already mentioned we don’t move grand pianos, only upright piano, with 4 movers and no stairs involved. If there are stairs involved, unfortunately, we won’t be able to handle the move of it.

When to book movers?

The booking process is really simple. After you call or e-mail us, an operation person sets a mutual date of pickup for you. Few days before the move, movers will call you to confirm the date and time of pickup. When that day comes, they will provide you with a free time estimate and after that, we will sign an agreement.

Are movers usually late?

Professional movers are not. The arrival should be agreed with your move coordinator. Your move coordinator will be in contact with you before the move dates and will advise you of arrival dates and approximate arrival times.

When movers start charging?

Once the movers arrive, the foreman (main mover) will walk through the house and provide the customer with a free time estimate. Customers will sign the agreement and right after that, the moving process will start.

Can movers move plants?

We do move plants, but we can not be responsible for their safety during transport. We can advise you that small plants should be put in boxes to keep them from rolling around in the back of the truck. And for the large ones- they can be loaded at the end of the truck. If a plant is fragile, do not put it in the moving van, as we cannot guarantee a limb won’t snap off.  Plants are delicate and we simply can not guarantee for their safety during the move, but we will do our best.

How Much Do I Tip The Movers?

Tipping is optional and should be reserved for movers who do their job right. Our movers always appreciate it when they get a little something extra for a job well-done, but it is ultimately the customer’s decision. Our crew usually don’t expect a tip but is appreciated when given. More than anything, it’s a sign that you recognized their effort and thought it worthy. Also, providing cold drinks, coffee, or whatever is suitable for the weather and time of day is always appreciated.

Do I need to be home during the move?

On the day of the move, you need to be present. There is paperwork to sign and you need to show the movers exactly what is being moved. After the movers have loaded the truck you will be asked to do a walkthrough. At the unload they will place boxes in rooms based on the rooms written on the boxes ( bedroom, kitchen, garage, etc.). Furniture will be placed in the location you specify. It is helpful if you already have a basic idea where you want furniture placed. If the movers have to keep rearranging and switching furniture around it will take longer and you are paying hourly.